We are a company founded in 1995, with a wide experience both in engineering projects, as well as suppliers of technological goods.


Our staff, has extensive experience in various fields, ranging from energy, construction, design, telecommunications and computing. We have an extensive network of contacts that allows us to execute complex works with highly qualified personnel. We execute small or large projects, involving civil, electromechanical, computation and / or telecommunications works.


We have extensive experience in the energy and telecommunications sectors of our country and we have been contractors of the state in multiple occasions which gives us a great knowledge in the area of administrative contracting.



We supply, among others, hardware and software for telecommunications, in-building integrated solutions to improve cellular and Wi-Fi coverage, both indoors and outdoors, structured cabling, media converters and a wide variety of accessories such as cables, connectors, antennas and other devices.


We have experience in models of energy planning, balances, conservation and energy saving in different sectors.


We have worked with foreign companies on multiple occasions so we are an excellent option to represent your brand or product in the region.

About us

We started building construction in 1996. We have built edificiosa Universities, Telecommunication Industries, Laboratories, Hospitals, Pharmaceutical Companies, Chips Manufacturers, to personal homes.


The current specialty is the electromechanical work, but we also have extensive experience in civil works.


Our company joined the CFIA in 2005 and counts on nominee professionals from several specialties


We design your project, we cover the aspects of civil, electrical and mechanical works. Our staff and consultants have extensive experience in both small and large projects.


In electromechanical systems, we can design your Fire Alarm System (SCI), according to NFPA regulations. Your Air Conditioning system, from direct expansion units, Chillers, VRF or desiccant, based on ASHRAE recommendations.


Requires Laboratories or Treatment Plants? No problem, we can design your project.


We nationalize your plans, be these buildings, houses or towers of telecommunication or industrial plant.


We design your building for cellular coverage and wi-fi. We are authorized distributor of the iBwave tool.


Suppliers of the Costa Rican Electricity Institute (ICE) since 1995. We have implemented complex projects such as the Phone Print® for ICE and multiple solutions for indoor and outdoor coverage projects (hardware software, training, telecommunications towers, etc).


As part of the electromechanical components of a project or building, we can design and build your structured wiring network in category 6 or 6A (UTP) or fiber optics. We take care of the passive and active elements of your network.


The problems of cellular coverage and wi-fi, indoor / outdoor, we can solve with our repeaters for 3G / GSM / UMTS / 4G. We have SOHO solutions or multi-level buildings. Our in-building solutions include design, equipment, network, calibration and commissioning.


We can supply active and passive antennas, cables, connectors and equipment to improve communications.



Drive Test, to measure your cell coverage service in your area.


We have a group of consultants with extensive experience in designing and implementing your projects in this area.



Engineering - Construction

Engineering - Desing


Our founders started in the energy sector of our country, where the local oil company RECOPE and the Costa Rican Institute of Electricity (ICE) stand out. Our president is the author of multiple documents in this field.


We can advise you on multiple energy fields. From planning tools and energy balances to systems for saving and efficient use of energy. Extensive experience was developed in the automation of processes in this discipline including the IT components, for the energy models used by the planning authorities of the sector.




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